Mindfulness on using electricity

The Gathas, or mindfulness verses or aphorisms, of Venerable Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh offer beautiful thoughts to enhance any meditation practice.

Here and Now

Electricity is one of the most useful resource to make people live lives. People have different styles of using electricity. That can be called habits. Mindful habit on using electricity means you use only amount of electricity that you need but never waste it. If you are mindful when you use electricity, you can conserve it and that’s very beneficial to your home, your society, your country and the whole planet.

I just collect some ideas how to save electricity with mindfulness.

1. You plug off when you don’t use any electric products

(As for multi tap, you turn off the button)

2. In case you are alone and use the toilet at home, you open the door without turning light.

(Some Korean apartment have dark bathrooms.You are lucky with a restroom where it’s still bright without light)

3. You have one or two lights turned on, which are enough to make your home bright.

4. You…

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