How Do You Feel About Death?

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I previously wrote and posted O Death here and recommend it now if you haven’t read it yet. A beautiful rendering of the Appalachian hymn “O Death” by now 87 year-old bluegrass musician and national treasure, Ralph Stanley concludes that post.

So, how do you feel about death? It’s a fair question, in my view, since we all will experience it eventually, whether we like to admit it or not. This is a loaded question, perhaps, since the prospect of our own death is rarely a pleasant one, nor even a neutral prospect for many. But this can be an opportunity to think about a tender topic for any who contemplate their own death or that of someone near and dear, now, soon, or in the past.

Please choose all answers that apply to you, and feel free to add an answer of your own that best reflects your view.

After you take the poll, I invite you to take the time to leave a comment here, too.  Thank you for visiting this blog.



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