We need to put ourselves into perspective, by Ajahn Sumedho

It is so interesting to me that just when I am struggling with something, someone or something brings me the opportunity for insight I seek. Such it was when I read this post by Ajahn Sumedho. I have such gratitude that I can simply accept the process that I am experiencing in this transitory human life, without judgment, without urgency or anxiety. This life is difficult, and seemingly more so for some than for others. But it ends the same for us all eventually. Namaste.

Buddhism now

Photo by Lisa Daix mustang 2011We can use our thoughts — not in order to make decisions, or to take positions, but in order to bring into consciousness the way things are, the way of our own existence on planet Earth as human beings. Using thoughtful reflection helps us to be intuitive, to observe and to accept. If we don’t develop this ability, we end up making very harsh value judgements about ourselves and the world. This makes us insensitive and harsh, and we become unable to understand things. We get the feeling that there’s nothing we can do, and we feel depressed and helpless.

In the modern Western world, we seem to have developed to a very high level this ability to see what is wrong. And it’s turning against us. We are destroying ourselves. We are unable to enjoy our lives, or experience joy. From reading the newspapers, one gets the impression that…

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