When it’s Spring in February, Bloom!

These beautiful photographs and wise words remind us that acceptance of what is and thus letting go of fear and savoring beauty as we find it, is a gift. And I fervently hope that those unneeded pipeline segments could indeed be used to bring water to our deserts. What a lovely thought! A lotus blossom to all of you, my friends.


Fearlessness is not only possible, it is the ultimate joy.
When you touch non-fear, you are free. ~Thich Nhat Hanh

early bloom pollen ~d nelson

Richly hued, fragrant blossom’s
delicately vulnerable beauty
belies her calm wisdom.
Yes, I know, she says
I am here early,
clearly days are still short.
But I answer to nature’s
eternal, life giving mystery.
With February becoming
California’s new March,
conditions of soil, sun
& moisture bring out my
sensually-inviting pedals.

It is not my spirit
to worry anxiously
or become mad or sad.
This is my time to manifest,
my short, sweet time
for offering beauty to the world.
Thus, I do my best,
doing no less than to fully bloom,
contributing colorful transitory
prospects of continuation.

early bloom pollinator early bloom pollinator

Sending sweet wishes to
those who are uneasy
about changing weather,
east coast arctic vortexes, record cold,
contrasting west coast lack of rain & snowfall.
Have calm patience,
while dwelling boldly

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