What If ?

Mark of Endless Light and Love shares this powerful and compelling sentiment. At a time of great human turmoil in Europe and the heartbreaking image of a drowned Syrian 3-year-old, retreating glaciers, droughts, fires and global financial uncertainty, it’s important to remember all that we do have, and do what we can for others. May all beings be peaceful, happy and light in body and spirit.

Endless Light and Love


I pray for that day, the day that everyone wakes up and has at least 1 full day of just being grateful for everything, I certainly think if we could have a ‘ I’m Grateful for Everything In My Life Day’ then we may just start to open our eyes to what we have in our lives instead of worrying about what we don’t have and what we think we need!

Food for thought my friends, food for thought!

Namaste with Love



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2 thoughts on “What If ?

  1. What an inspiring share Sunny.
    It is easy to be drawn into the distress and drama of the news. Imagine if we were to be exposed to all the suffering in the world without our filters.
    I listen to the radio to keep me informed and no longer watch the news. It helps me to find appreciation and gratitude in the world around me.
    Today will be a day of gratitude for everything! xo

  2. Mark always has some valuable thoughts to share.. Lovely to meet you, and the more of us who pray and send out our thoughts of peace into the zones of disharmony the more we add to the light of helping the love to surface within the feminine energies..
    You have a peaceful place here and I will be back to explore more

    Blessings Sue x

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