Wonderful things to remember at this special time year of Thanksgiving and Gratitude.

Na'ama Yehuda


Thankful for the things

That could be taken for granted

And yet are not so, for too many:

Shelter, food, warm clothing,

Clean water


Thankful for the blessings I may not even notice

And yet are never empty:

Clean air, a language others understand,

Having a place

Where I am welcome

A bed to tuck myself into and rise from,

Soft covers,

Floor, a ceiling, sturdy walls.

Thankful for the senses that I have

And do not fail me:

Sight (and insight)

Hearing (and the ability to listen)

Smell (and being able to sniff out what is not right)

Taste (in food, and things, and people)

To be touched in kindness

And to touch others

In reassurance,

In compassion.

Thankful for the love in my life

For health and the ability to tend to it,

For knowing that I have a place to call home …

My heart breaks to know so many don’t.


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8 thoughts on “Thankful

    • Thank you for your kind words, David! I am grateful for and admire your work in sharing Thay’s wisdom and insights, your beautiful images, and your special self. I’m glad you liked my friend’s words shared here.

  1. Thank you, Maria! I’m very thankful for my friend Na’ama whose blog I’m sharing here. Such a creative, giving person. And I am so grateful for your exquisite botanical photographs and the knowledge you impart to us in your blog.

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