9 Vegan Pasta Dishes – Dinner For One

Okay, I’ve been making tasty vegan pasta dishes for years, but honestly, these recipes blow mine out of the water! Rich Bitch Cooking has a great blog with all sorts of useful info for vegans, would-be vegans and vegetarians, and they’re always budget conscious. Read on for droolworthy plant based yum! And please watch the cool video at the end of their post of the bloggers preparing these yummy dishes, accompanied by their very own music! Give them a follow!

Rich Bitch Cooking

9 Vegan Pasta Dishes - Dinner For One - College Meals - Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

I figured I would call these pasta dishes “for college students” because who could use single portion recipes more? There’s lots of pictures in this post because there’s 9 freaking recipes for us to go through. There’s a video at the bottom if you want to watch my dancing hands take you through step by step. I bought some fresh herbs and fresh garlic because I intended to dazzle you with going the extra mile. That did not end up happening. I used dried herbs because L-A-Z-Y.

You can double or triple the recipes below. Yeah, go feed somebody. And bust out that thrift store Foreman grill to add in a bag of frozen veggies to you pasta dishes.

9 Vegan Pasta Dishes - Dinner For One - College Meals - Rich Bitch Cooking Blog

Feel free to taste as you go! Do you think the creamy dishes could be creamier? Add a 1 TB or 2 of extra vegan butter or coconut cream. Do you…

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6 thoughts on “9 Vegan Pasta Dishes – Dinner For One

  1. Am not a particular fan of pasta, but these dishes look yum. So who knows … 🙂 (actually, I do love Udon, and fresh Ramen, and Soba noodles … which I guess means I do like pasta … just not the one that’s CALLED pasta …) Hugs!

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