Made with Repix (http://repix.it)

Photo by Sonnische

Even with too much light

and too little contrast

 nature’s beauty cannot be

completely quelled.

One still can hear

the swish of the gentle surf

and peeping of the sandpipers

dancing ahead of the waves.





For The Daily Post




2 thoughts on “Overexposure

  1. ‘Nature’s beauty cannot be completely quelled’ > the patterned sounds within this, such as plosives in ‘beauty/be’, internal rhyme in ‘be/completely’ and alliteration in ‘completely/quelled’ are really lovely. I usually try to make my lines end on a significant word, which ‘be’ is perhaps not, however, I appreciate it if you were trying to enforce life into this ‘be’, emphasising the notion of ‘being’.

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