Your Weekly Diversion, Week 8


So how was your week?

Here in SW Florida we’ve been experiencing close proximity to a brushfire that devastated 7500 acres of pine scrub and palmettos and created a huge, mushrooming column of choking smoke that hung about for days. Only four rural structures were destroyed, and thankfully no one was hurt, but that smoke was epic. Here’s what we saw from our driveway on Tuesday.


Collier County brushfire 3/7/17

The Collier County fire paled by comparison to the conflagration in Washington DC spawned by hot air, smoke and mirrors, hubris, hypocrisy, and paranoia. And, no, it isn’t the same on both sides.


Photo courtesy of Travel Wires

Now for your diversions. Column of impressive smoke, you say? Italians can claim the prize, produced by Mount Etna this month.



After all these fiery natural phenomena and irrational political bombast, I needed some good news. A man lost his beloved parrot. Thanks to an implanted ID chip, the parrot was found years later and reunited with his owner. You’ll have to read this to learn the change the parrot exhibited upon his return.



Here’s another feel good diversion. When her dad wouldn’t do it, a business leader walked a lesbian bride down the aisle.

And I wouldn’t leave you without some good music. My cousin from Knoxville, Tennessee shared one of her favorite artists with me this weekend when she and her sister came for a fun visit. Here is Amos Lee and “Southern Girl.”




6 thoughts on “Your Weekly Diversion, Week 8

    • Thanks so much Sandy. It’s all but gone now, & the wind has changed so it’s blowing to the east away from us. I did get a bad sore throat & am using manuka honey since yesterday & it’s almost gone! It’s a natural antibiotic & healing agent.

    • Thanks, Maria! We are very lucky. So many trees were burned. We drove near there early this evening. I hope some trees will spring back from the scorching. And the sore throat is gone!

    • Thank you, David! We awoke to fog today in Naples with a forecast of possible showers later. That manuka honey cured my sore throat, so I’m a believer now. With the blizzard warning for the northeast, I am so glad we are snowbirds this year! May all be well with you.

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