Photo Challenge: Surprise! Airboats in Pennsylvania?



What? An airboat on Interstate 380 in northeastern Pennsylvania? I followed this one on my way to work today.


As I passed I saw it belongs to Natureworks Clear Water Associates. Their website gives a lot of information as to what they do, from monitoring and addressing invasive plant species in ponds and waterways to stocking fish. They serve a large geographic area. This is not intended to be a promotion, just a source of information,

Having just left Florida, I saw many airboats, although none I saw were red. It’s interesting to me to know they use them up north, too.






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7 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Surprise! Airboats in Pennsylvania?

  1. Thanks for commenting on our boat. We actually have 2 that we use for spraying. They work great! We built them from Classic/Panther Airboat components from Cocoa, FL. Never know what you will find in PA.

  2. Having just written a post that, rather randomly, asked for any psychotherapists reading it to make a comment I found it amusing to see you declare yourself as such a beast on a blog I read. Strange how we draw the things that we write about into our lives. Eek – that means that I really do need to stop writing about murder!
    Wow – thanks for giving me that insight. And you didn’t even have to say anything! 🙂
    Gassho – Robert.

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