Sad News About Missing Man

Missing liam

Some time ago, I reposted my friend Xenia Tran’s blog post about a man from Scotland who went missing after a bachelors party in Hamburg, Germany. Here’s a link to today’s post, and it contains a link to her original post.

Haibun: Missing in Hamburg

Life brings us all heartaches and bad news. We’ve had both in our lives of late. We got a devastating diagnosis with no hope for a cure, and my dear uncle’s wife has died. We can’t go to the funeral because of our own health drama currently unfolding, but we sent cards and expressed our love and condolences. Despite this sadness and concern we feel for ourselves and our immediate and extended family, we are able to feel deeply for others, and doing so is very important and even healing for us.

Our hearts go out to Liam’s family and his friends.

With much love,

and gratitude for our many blessings,


4 thoughts on “Sad News About Missing Man

  1. I am so sorry for your loss Shielagh and to hear about your own devastating diagnosis. You are in our hearts and in our prayers. Thank you for reaching out to Liam’s family and to others at this time. We are all here for you too. Sending love and hugs 💞 xxx

  2. So sorry, Shielagh. You know my heart is with you, and that I hold y’all in my thoughts and spirit as you walk through challenge and heartache, as well as moments of calm and joy. Thank you for telling us all about Liam, so we can send our love that way, too. xoxo Na’ama

    • Thanks so much, Na’ama. Cataract surgery on eye #2 tomorrow. We trudge along! Not to late to come see us, as we’ll be here until end of May, probably.

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