A Gift

Ken Fales writes just what I needed this morning, what I wish I’d written if I had the insight and if I had the time. Notes for a blog post sit on my desk, just waiting for me to take the time to write and post it. But first, meeting a professional deadline takes priority. And life goes on. Enjoy reading this!

Ken Fales

In spirituality and religion, the notion that all is illusory is common. Beyond being simply a notion, it’s a liberating realization.

Prior to realization, the illusory nature of this world can be a confusing notion.

Today, I want to talk about the illusion.

It’s a gift.

Life is a miracle. Every moment we appear to have here is precious. It is precious, because it is perfect, not because it can be lost.

There is every reason to enjoy every moment of life, to live every moment of life, to love every moment of life. Living in love and joy, you invite awakening by your willingness, acceptance and surrender.

There is no need to search for the illusory nature of life. You will know it as your willingness allows. You need not worry or make effort.

You are free to accept, surrender and enjoy every moment of the gift that is…

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8 thoughts on “A Gift

    • Thank you, Val! It’s not what I wish for, but it is what it is these days, and I’m facing each day as it comes! Your voice inspires me, even if I don’t comment. 😊

  1. Life is a gift. And every moment is, even when sometimes some moments don’t quite feel like one–it still is, for without each moment, we would not be.
    Sending hugs. Been under the weather with some not-so-gift-feeling-moments that nonetheless had much to present and much that was good in them, too, alongside.

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